The Diary of a Scholar: Michael Staub, Quarter 4

The highlight of the last quarter of my scholarship year doubtlessly was attending this year’s award
ceremony. First and foremost, I would like to congratulate Karen for winning the 2019 Gold Service
Scholarship. What a well-deserved accolade for an incredibly passionate, positive and authentic woman.
It was an enormous pleasure meeting all of this year’s finalists. Sharing an afternoon tea with them really
brought back last year’s feelings for me. Also, I was so happy to see my fellow Scholars that night as well
as obviously all the trustees, judges and other friends from the industry whom I had not seen since leaving
London back in summer.  I was also privileged to address a few words to the audience talking about my year as scholar, the experiences I made, what I learnt, the people I met, the importance of and what impact the scholarship
had on me. It was a moment, I will never forget.

As my scholarship is officially coming to an end, I would like to thank a few individuals who have
encouraged, motivated and supported me so much during the competition but also in my year as scholar:
Scott Wallen who motivated me to enter the competition in the first place. Julien Foussadier, Calum
Franklin, Michael Raebel, Christophe Laurent and André Wawrzyniak who mentored me during the
competition. Diego Masciaga who was a huge support during my move to the States and obviously all
Trustees who have not just become mentors but friends for a lifetime. Last but not least, I would like to
thank all sponsors and supporters of the competition, after all this would not be possible without them.
I look forward to seeing and actively contributing to the growth and evolution Gold Service Scholarship.

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