Masterclass Videos

To mark its tenth Anniversary, the Gold Service Scholarship has released a series of masterclasses to be used by Front of House professionals wishing to further their Food and Beverage service knowledge and develop their careers.
Short Preview
Masterclass 1: Table Setting
Masterclass 2: Wine Decanting and Serving a bottle of Champagne
Masterclass 3: Carving a Chateaubriand
Masterclass 4: Preparing a Steak Tartare
Masterclass 5: Filleting a Dover Sole
Masterclass 6: Classic Cocktail Making: Martini, Whiskey Sour and Margarita
Masterclass 7: Classic Cocktail Making: Old fashioned, White Russian and Daiquiri
Masterclass 8: Carving a whole chicken
Masterclass 9: Filleting and deboning a seabass
Masterclass 10: Carving a rack of lamb
Masterclass 11: General knowledge of wine service
Masterclass 12: Preparation of a Caesar Salad

These videos are copyright protected. Training providers, colleges and all those wishing to copy or use the videos for wider distribution or commercial purposes, should first seek permission of the copyright owner, The Gold Service Foundation.