The Gold Service Scholarship defers the 2021 Competition

The Trustees of the Gold Service Scholarship have confirmed their decision to defer the 2021 competition schedule, stating that ongoing Covid restrictions prevent the normal process of the various stages of interviews, assessments and skill tests, which require personal interactions.

Trustee and Chairman of the Judges Edward Griffiths, CVO explained: “While this news is disappointing, we are committed to ensuring that our 2020 winning Finalists and Scholar are able to take up their educational prizes, when it is safe to do so, during the late spring and summer of 2021. We will then launch our 2022 as usual, in September 2021. This competition will mark the 10th anniversary of The Gold Service Scholarship, so we are determined to celebrate the decade landmark throughout the stages of the competition, culminating in a glittering Awards Ceremony in February 2022.”

Chairman of the Trustees Alastair Storey added: “The hospitality industry is under huge stress due to closures and restrictions, and we feel that a period of recovery will be needed before we can start the next competition. We want to continue to encourage young people to consider a professional career in hospitality, and to nurture those who are doing great work in these challenging times. We are optimistic that 2021 will emerge stronger than ever, and that there will be many opportunities for young talent to shine, and the Gold Service Scholarship is ready to meet them as soon as it is possible to do so.”

In the past nine years of the competition, some remarkable talents have emerged, and they are fulsome in their praise for the nurturing guidance and leadership provided throughout their Gold Service Scholarship experience. Comments from recent Scholars include:

Elizabeth Forkuoh (Gleneagles) – 2020 Scholar

“Shortly after gaining the prestigious title, the world changed completely. Even though my educational prizes and trips have not yet taken place, I embraced my role at Gleneagles with more enthusiasm and a determination to develop my hospitality skills and those of my team. The Scholarship has helped me improve many things in my career, as well as boosting my motivation to keep inspiring the younger generation, and I will always be grateful for this incredible opportunity.”

Michael Staub (Rosewood) – 2018 Scholar

“Participating in the Gold Service Scholarship has given me access to a powerful network with invaluable mentors, many learning opportunities and motivation to reach for my goals. Winning the Scholarship greatly boosted my career development.”

Daniele Quattromini (Corinthia London) – 2015 Scholar

“The Gold Service Scholarship is a competition to inspire, educate and nurture young front-of-house talent in the UK. I entered for the challenge. It pushed me to learn and educate myself to enhance my service skills. Most importantly, I have been fortunate to create great relationships with the Trustees and other Judges who have helped mentor me – I am so grateful for their support.”

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